Our Mission

Our mission is to bring good karma to the community by helping kids get their bicycle in proper working condition and riding safely. At our small bike shop, we fix flat tires, and do basic tune ups - all for free.

The Karma Bike Shop's plan is very simple and sustainable: Help others, create some good karma and let that karma roll out like a wave. We accept bikes, bike parts and other donations to keep progressing forward.

Earn-A-Bike Program

We offer a great program for your kids to earn a bike by reading and performing service in our community. Select a bike from our inventory, track the necessary hours, and the bike is yours.

Earn-A-Helmet Program

We also offer free helmets. Kids can earn a helmets the same way as bikes. Give meaningful service, read for a few hours and earn a helmet to keep your head safe.

Thank You . . .

We are extremly grateful for the help and support from the bicycling community. We receive our mission-critical donations from our local bike shops, great corporations and our regular bicycling friends.

Our Stats

We have delivered 177 Bicycles and 421 Helmets so far.

We have fixed 87 Bicycles and 178 Flats this year.

We have fixed 559 Bicycles and 949 Flats since we started in 2011.