Welcome To Karma Bike Shop

We started the Karma Bike Shop with this one idea in mind: let's get kids back on their bicycles! We want to help kids shake the dust of their old bicycles that are in need of repair. Not everyone has the means or skill to repair their bicycle, which is where we come in. We use donated parts, materials, and time to their bicycles back on the road.

At our unique shop on Magna main street, we provide our service to those bicyclers in need. Anyone can bring their bicycle to our shop and have one of our knowledgeable volunteers repair flat tires, adjust derailers and shifters, do a basic fit, and even properly adjust your helmet. We know that with some help and the know-how we can give you, exploring the outdoors is just a pedal push away. Bicycling is an ideal activity for families to spend time together and get some great exercise.